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Where Shadows Rise

Amy Laurens

The fairies have a secret they’re just dying to protect…

Emma knows breaking the rules can get you into trouble; it nearly got her sister killed. That’s why Emma’s stuck in backwater Nowra, Australia, under temporary witness protection with no friends—and no life.

So when Emma has to break the rules to retrieve the runaway family dog, she decides the fairy she sees is clearly a guilt-induced hallucination. Problem is, hallucinations don’t usually send you invites to Fairyland—and shadows don’t usually chase you home.

It would be easy to ignore the invite.

It would be sensible to avoid the shadows.

But when Emma’s only new friend is snatched by the shadows in the middle of the night, Emma knows she has a decision to make: stick to the rules and leave her friend and dog to die, or risk her own life to save them.

Where Shadows Rise
Sanctuary Book 1
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Bodies In Motion

Liana Brooks
Selena Caryll was once the beloved rising star of a large Starsider family. Trained from infancy as a flight commander, it was her destiny to become captain of her own crew. Until she sided with Grounder Perrin Carver, betrayed her family, and fought against the Starsider bombardments of the planet Malakin V. The fleet lost. Unable to obtain the orun crystals needed to fuel their ships, they were grounded on the rocky island of Enclave. For her work, Selena was given the job of integrating the Starsiders as they adjusted to the Groundside cultures. It’s a friendless, thankless job and it only gets worse when she’s asked to save her enemy.

The Sciarra family fell hard when the war ended. His grandmother, the crew’s captain, was executed. His parents imprisoned. He was forgiven only because he spent the war recovering from a crash that no one wants to admit was part of the first failed attempt to attack Malakin V. As a Starguard he is both warden and guardian for the Starsiders in Enclave. All he wants is to make a future for his family, until the day Selena Caryll returns to his life with her coat on fire and in need of protection.

Bodies In Motion
 Newton’s Laws Book 1
Coming September 19!

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