New Release! The Darkness & Good Anthology Is Here.

Inkprint Press is proud to announce the release of the Darkness & Good Anthology! Drawing from the short stories from the Darkness & Good blog, this collection contains 35 fan favourites and 3 all-new stories found only in this release. Some stories also have accompanying illustrations by author … Continue reading

Flash Sale!

To celebrate our new website with in-built shop, we’re terribly excited to announce a 50% off storewide sale! The sale will last approximately 70 hours from now: that’s late Monday morning in Australia, or Sunday evening in the USA (and somewhere in between for everywhere in between 😉 ). Happy … Continue reading

Coming Soon…

Well, if you have a poke around on the site you’ll see that the shop is officially functional! Hurrah 🙂 There are still some aspects of this new site that need prettying up, but we’re at least back to base functionality. Woot. We’re aiming to have everything finalised by … Continue reading